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Seven Rewards for Publishing a Book (That Have Nothing to Do With Money)

You decided—the time is perfect for you to sit down and write your book.

You dive in, focused and prepared, with your research and outline ready to go. You start writing, and for a while it’s going swimmingly.

And then…

The Brick Wall of Doubt

This is the moment when you start to wonder if it’s all worth it.

Why did I start this project?

This is crazy—I don’t have time to do this!

What’s the point of this project?

Is this even worth all the work I’m putting into it?

I've been there—multiple times! I have published two books, three novellas, and several short stories and essays. In addition, I have one manuscript in progress, one sitting on my computer to be edited into something publishable, and at least four or five book-length manuscripts in various places that may or may not see the light of day. I've even unpublished in a fit of anxiety over it all.

Suffice to say—I’ve been in this stage a few times.

After all that, what have I decided? Is it worth it?

Yes! It’s 100% worth it.

So what do you have to look forward to after your book is published?

Here, the top seven rewards for publishing your book (that have nothing to do with money):

#7: Book signings: I'm an introvert. It's tough to get me out to any kind of party or gathering. But ask me to sign print copies of my book or read an excerpt in public? I'm there.

Signing books, speaking about your book and your ideas, sharing your thoughts, meeting fans--these are unquantifiable joys in the writing world. And even if you self-publish, you can still find ways to have a book signing.

#6: Legacy: There is something deeply rewarding about knowing that your thoughts, ideas, story are part of the vast library of human literary creation. It's a tiny piece of your soul left behind in this world when you are gone.

#5: Praise from fans: There are few greater joys in this world than when a fan tells me, "I loved your book!" If you write any kind of non-fiction or self-help, to hear a reader say, "your book made a big impact on me" or "your book really helped me" can be one of the greatest compliments you'll ever receive.

#4: Your name on a spine/cover: It's just really fun to see your name on a book cover. It gives permanence and legitimacy to all your hard work.

#3: The pride of your mom, friends, significant other: Maybe it shouldn't matter, but it does. When those who care about you most see your hard work pay off in the form of a published book, when they say that they're proud of you, the pride rubs off a little, and you might find yourself walking a little taller.

#2: A deep sense of accomplishment: It's not THE Mt. Everest, but it's A Mt. Everest. So many people have this on their "bucket lists," but you set yourself apart by actually doing it. You undertook the challenge, and you succeeded. This makes you a rare person--one who actually wrote a book! There is a deep sense of satisfaction around that.

#1: A desire to do it all again: Maybe not right away, maybe not even for some time, but chances are good that you'll find yourself thinking about writing another book at some point. And just like the runner who finishes a first marathon, now you know it's possible! You've done it once--you can do it again.

Have you hit a brick wall on your book project? Don't lose hope! If you need someone to help you break through to the finish line, give me a call.

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