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To Everything a Season

Where have you been since 2008?

It's been a long nine years.

When the Great Recession hit, many folks, either by force or by choice, had to stop, breathe, reassess, and change direction.

I was no different.

Things were roaring along in my freelancing business when October came along. After October, I had to stop and breathe. Contracts changed. Companies tightened belts. When my projects ended, I didn’t have much to replace them.

So I took a break...

… That turned into nine years.

I have not been idle since then. I’ve written two novels, three novellas, and a few short stories. I’ve dabbled in freelance writing and editing as needs have arisen within my close circle of colleagues. I’ve volunteered countless hours in youth organizations as my kids have grown. I’ve taken up old hobbies and new ones.

But as the seasons change outside my window, it’s time for a new writing season inside.

And so, I’m pleased, excited, thrilled to announce a brand new website:

Story Junction

The world has changed in the last nine years. In an age when divides are more pronounced than ever and trends change with a single 140-character tweet, people are hungry for connection.

Even in business.

Especially in business.

Your business doesn’t exist to sell a product or service. Your business exists to solve a problem or fill a need. Customers don’t buy products and services—they buy solutions.

Ad agencies know this. They use stories to sell everything from SUVs to paper towels to beer to online photo books. Customers buy solutions, and they see the solutions because stories create a connection. The person hungry for an outdoor adventure identifies with the kayak-hauling SUV owner. The busy parent with no time to gather photos connects with the parent who offers a way to preserve memories at the click of a button.

Your business can create powerful connection with prospects, clients, employees, and the public at large by harnessing the power of story.

Stories are a uniquely ancient magic. There is something powerful about the idea of a story—a tale told around the campfire, at a holiday feast, at the feet of a respected leader or elder. Stories connect us to each other. They show us that we are not alone, that problems are not insurmountable, that solutions are out there.

I believe in story, and I believe that businesses can use stories to create connections that improve profits, employee retention and satisfaction, and public perceptions. I focus on writing the stories that businesses need to drive success.

I am currently available for:

  • Case studies

  • Success stories

  • Executive summaries

  • Ghostwriting projects

  • Annual Reports

  • Blog posts

  • Newsletters and newsletter articles

  • … And any other content generation that’s focused on telling a compelling, engaging story.

Join me.

Through my new site, Story Junction, I’ll be showcasing ways that businesses can use stories to inspire followers, improve perceptions, and increase sales. I'm also developing a newsletter for a deeper dive into the art of telling stories and the value of using them in a corporate setting, and I have other products in the works. To make sure you never miss an update, be sure to subscribe to my mailing list!

I'm so glad you're here. Let's get creative.

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