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This is just a sampling of projects I've completed. If you don't see a project similar to yours, contact me. Chances are good that I have something I can share with you!

Traumatized by Religious Abuse, by Connie A. Baker, MA, LPC

Using the author's existing notes and drawing heavily from her personal story, I worked closely with her to develop, write, and edit a complete, final draft of this important work on religious abuse.

Worked closely with the author and her team to take this valuable work from draft to final publication. Ghostwrote several sections, offered developmental editing on interior material, consulted on cover matter and titles, and performed copy editing and proofreading before final publication. Book design by Weller Smith Design.

Ghostwriting and Book Development
Web and E-mail Copy

"Cactive Club" Landing Page for COUCH to ACTIVE

A landing page designed to encourage sign-ups for a new monthly group coaching session from COUCH to ACTIVE.

Monthly Momentum E-mails for COUCH to ACTIVE Graduates

Graduates of the COUCH to ACTIVE wellness program receive two years of monthly maintenance e-mails to remind them to review progress and revisit monthly themes. These are the first three of the 24 e-mails.

Blog Posts

American Freight, Inc.

Working closely with a local web developer and American Freight leadership, provide monthly blog posts for this Oregon-based freight broker.

December 2018

February 2019

March 2019

April 2019

July 2019

August 2019

September 2019

Jama Software

Blog posts on a variety of topics for Jama Software, a Portland-based provider of software for requirements, risk, and test management.

10 Amazing Product Development Innovations of the 2010s

Case Studies

"Cutting-edge Medical Imaging Clinics Bring Communications into the 21st Century"

Since 1998, AZ-Tech Radiology has grown from one clinic to nine. However, the company's communication systems had not kept pace with technology. Allstream, a leading provider of communications solutions, stepped in to bring AZ-Tech into the 21st Century.

"Regional Truck Supplier Improves Reporting and Reduces Outages with Allstream Solution"

With over 70% of its business conducted by phone, Allstate Peterbilt needed to solve its frequent outage problem and improve reporting in order to maximize the customer experience and keep its bottom line healthy. The Allstream solution provided the reporting necessary and reduced outages dramatically.


"Rain Gardens Bring Flair to Storm Water Management" in Northwest Construction

Rain gardens transition from basic storm water management tools in the back of the building to aesthetically pleasing features in the front of the building.

"More Than Fun and Games: New Facilities Invent Entertainment Options" in Northwest Construction

A profile of four recreational construction projects in the Northwest.

"No easy answers to sea lions at Bonneville"

In the quest for good stewardship of the environment, competing interests often come into conflict with each other. The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers tries to balance those interests at Bonneville Dam.

"Rescuing Animals in Crisis" for Oregon Humane Society Magazine

As the nation came together to provide relief to victims of Hurricane Katrina, Oregon's OHSTAR (Oregon Humane Society Technical Animal Rescue) team responded to help some of the smallest and most vulnerable victims of the storm.

Print Marketing

Corporate Overview for Allstream

Print collateral focused on giving a general overview of Allstream. Design by Titan Creative.

Fact Sheets for City of Beaverton, Oregon--"Housing"

These fact sheets were part of a series designed to promote the city of Beaverton, Oregon, to prospective employees of the various companies in Oregon's "Silicon Forest."

Fact Sheets for City of Beaverton, Oregon--"Recreation"

These fact sheets were part of a series designed to promote the city of Beaverton, Oregon, to prospective employees of the various companies in Oregon's "Silicon Forest."

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