The Not-So-Scary Guide to Hiring a Ghost(writer)

You’ve decided it’s time—you are ready to put your system, story, principles, or advice down in book form. But the whole idea of writing a book is daunting and overwhelming. Who has time to write a book? How does one get published? And what possible advantage could there be to releasing your story to the world? Enter the ghostwriter. A ghostwriter is a writer who will take your ideas and shape them into words for a fee, while you get the credit for writing the blog post, article, or book (or whatever form the ideas require). There are a variety of ways ghostwriters are credited, ranging from no credit at all to having shared credit on the front of a book. Generally, the less credit the ghost

How Writing Fiction Made Me a Better Corporate Storyteller

When I first returned to writing fiction back in 2009, I realized that my years of copywriting had done some fantastic things for my fiction writing. Ghostwriting under occasional tight deadlines trained me to produce thousands of words at a time very quickly. Working on collateral pieces and websites taught me to trim sentences for maximum impact with minimal words. And working with a diverse clientele across a broad range of industries encouraged my curiosity and willingness to reach out to new people--something that is often a real challenge for this introvert! What I didn't realize was how much my fiction writing would influence my corporate storytelling skills. I spent a lot of time ove

Stringing Words or Telling Stories?

There’s a thing that writers of fiction say: “I bleed ink.” It’s a bit dramatic, perhaps, but the sentiment is obvious—we are not content to subsist on mere red and white blood cells, but rather require the sustenance of dyes and pigments and solvents to keep us alive. Prick us, do we not bleed black? There’s another thing we do, and that’s self-deprecate. I am the queen of this. “Oh, I just write for a hobby. It’s a way to entertain myself. I string words together.” Hm. A far cry from bleeding ink. I’ve come to discover that there are two kinds of writers: word stringers and story tellers. Word stringers abound in the business world. You can find word stringers across departments. They ofte

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